Crisha’s Quiet Resort Bohol Travel & Tours With Accomodations

We only offer one tour and that is our meticulously planned 4 day 3 night tour that sets us apart from other tour company’s 4 day 3 night tour. Throughout your entire stay with us, we have engaging activities lined up for all four days and all 3 nights. This combined with our car/van service to take you there and bring you back to the hotel will ensure a fulfilling and unforgettable experience for only P8,000 (about $145) per person for the entire tour with all tour entrance costs included.


Upon your arrival at either the seaport or airport, our team will warmly welcome you and provide transportation to our own Crisha’s Quiet Resort. Once there we will allow you the time to settle in comfortably to get ready for your first adventure. 

At around 5:00 PM, if you’re available, we will take you to Alona Beach, there you can explore the vibrant activity of the area and savor a delightful dinner at a recommended establishment. At 7:30 PM, a mesmerizing free fire-dancing show awaits you, offering an exhilarating spectacle. Whenever you’re ready to depart, we’ll be readily available to transport you back to the resort.


After enjoying a Continental breakfast at the hotel we will leave the hotel at about 9 AM and start the countryside tour..

This comprehensive Bohol tour will include:

Upon returning to our resort and given a chance to relax; we will recommend that you let us take you to the Moadto open-air mall, offering a plethora of dining choices and the option of enjoying drinks on the beach or if you wish we can take you to South Palms Resort and enjoy a wonderful meal on their exclusive beach. Again, we will be waiting there for you to return you to the resort, ensuring a seamless experience.

Note: You always have the option of staying at the hotel where you can enjoy the pool, order in pizza ( which we will pick up and deliver to you) or you can cook on the barbeque.


I think we will be the only hotel that will provide you with a 5 AM  breakfast and we will also pack you another box lunch to enjoy on you island hopping tour.

 Captain Romeo, our skilled boat captain, will be awaiting your arrival at Alona Beach for a 5:45 AM departure to see the dolphins racing out to sea. Your transport will be our personal custom made Philippine style banka boat. This beautiful boat is Crisha’s pride being 44 feet long, has 2 motors and very large and very comfortable lounge chairs with seat cushions. We offer all the same things to see and do as the other Island Hopping tour companies, but we will also allow you to take a ride on our special banana boat to circumnavigate the Virgin Island before returning to Alona Beach.

Upon returning to the resort, you can take some time to refresh in our inviting pool and unwind. In the evening, we will transport you to the Alona Beach activity area, where you can just walk around looking at the sites to make your decision where you wish to eat or drink. When you’re ready to conclude the evening, we’ll be there to transport you back to the resort.


Begin your day with a light Continental breakfast, and if you desire, we can take you to the astounding Hinagdanan Cave, where you can indulge in some gift shopping. We will ensure your timely return, allowing you to check out by noon. We will provide transportation to your preferred destination, ensuring your seamless onward journey.

At Crisha’s Quiet Resort & Tour, we are dedicated to crafting an exceptional and hassle-free experience for our guests. Let us guide you through an enriching journey, combining stunning destinations, good dining, great service and unforgettable memories.